Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round 3-D (REPLAYS REQUIRED)

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Extension deadline is over.
New pairings:

realaccountami? vs. BlazingDark
Xurkiyee vs. Flarowak
LoSconosciuto vs. ima
The_AG vs. Chiles Habaneros
JellyIO vs. Excal
tom holland vs. eifo
Toto vs. Sibales1

GeniusX vs Sibales1 -- they both played and apparently GeniusX won but he didn't save replays so it came down to coinflip.

Fixed pairing:
hunternoooob vs. patos (made a wrong act call for r2 so I'm fixing this pairing now, I'm willing to grant an extension because it was my mistake)


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can i still claim act against previous round opp sibales1 i dmed him within 24 hours of when we finished and he never rly responded Ayu
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